Hello and welcome to Crossed Needles!

This is a website for everyone who has an interest in needlecrafts, but primarily for knitting and crochet.

A passionate needle crafter myself, I want to share my experiences and knowledge, my patterns and designs and add lots of news and views on every aspect of this increasingly popular hobby.

Why become a crafter?  

In this day and age of mass production you may wonder if it's still worth learning these age old crafts. My response is a resounding - YES. It's a wonderful, often inexpensive craft or hobby – crafters are never bored!

We are a wonderfully diverse breed. Ranging from children with their hesitant steps using knitting needles and crochet hooks,  through to teenagers making i-pod covers and funky scarves. Young adults make bags and totes, different to anything their friends own, and young mothers knit or crochet lovingly for their babies.

Stressed adults use crafts to chill-out and indulge in some "me time", but it doesn't end there - crafters work well into old age - great-grandmas with their stiff and often painful fingers generously passing on long ago learnt skills to younger generations….no doubt about it, we are a caring and sharing bunch.

Once a craft learnt and used out of necessity, its now a hobby, a hobby we return to again and again. Even the rich and famous love to knit and crochet, probably taught by their relatives too!

Most of us could simply shop to purchase any hand made garment, bag or accessory we like - that's fine if functionality and ownership is the only intention.

But, and it's a big but, we would miss the kick from planning our next project, the excitement of looking through the hundreds patterns on sale until we find the right one for us, the sensual pleasure of touching all the luxurious yarns available. Walking in to a wool store and being faced with a huge pallet of every imaginable colour and texture is something not to be missed   We can find exactly the right colour, and enjoy the thrill of anticipation as we work away. And finally we'd miss that absolute sense of satisfaction which arrives when it's finally finished, it's right…and we did it. We made this beautiful unique thing …..You can't buy that feeling…you can only achieve it.

The expression " once a crafter - always a crafter " is so true. Having learnt as a child we pack our needles away, only to unpack them again and again as we travel through life…..satisfying our cravings for creativity, sharing our knowledge, and soothing our souls with the calming effects….that's the real answer to the question " why craft "

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